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Jessica McConnellogue Global Explorers Intern

From a young age, Jessica learned that while Colorado was the most amazing place to call home, she had a desire to see what else was out there.  She traveled on many occasions whether for international soccer tournaments, to visit relatives overseas, or for just plain fun.  Her most eye-opening experience though came in Spring 2009 when Jessica packed up and headed to London for a semester.  Not only was it the most character building experience of her life thus far, but it also led Jessica to her passion for sustainability.  While over studying in London, Jessica was able to travel to Egypt for a week which became a defining moment in her life when she saw how foreign businesses were abusing the third-world country’s environment and the negative impact it was having on the community.  This experience alone made Jessica realize that she wanted to do something with her life that would make strides towards leaving a positive footprint on our environment; not just at home but everywhere.

A native Coloradan, Jessica attended the University of Colorado where she got her Bachelor’s degree in Physiology.  It was not until after taking some much needed time off from school that she realized that she wanted to venture down a different path and pursue a Master’s in Business Administration.  Jessica is currently working on her MBA, emphasizing in Sustainability, at the University of Colorado.  Besides traveling and soaking up different cultures, Jessica also enjoys running and training for her first half marathon (and hopefully a full marathon one day!), reading, learning to cook and spending time with friends in beautiful Fort Collins!