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What Do Students Say?

Global Explorers will take you on a personal and team filled journey where you will learn new things in culture, in travel, in companionship, in education, in many other areas and ways that will give you strong guidance when you come into your adult life. Don't miss the chance for an amazing trip, amazing friends, an amazing personal and educational experience that won't leave you for the rest of your life! ... read more

Ryan   Leading the Way 2006, Age 22

I think one of the greatest things about Global Explorers is that they encourage learning through experience and through these experiences, I have learned far more than I ever could sitting in a classroom. Their lessons about science, leadership, culture, and service have really influenced many areas of my life. After visiting the Amazon Rainforest, I understand the importance of environmental conservation. After participating in Leading the Way Program, I understand what it means to be a leader. ... read more

Anna   Age 20 Sun Prairie, WI

The Global Explorers Leading the Way program changed my outlook on everything. It changed the way I want to live my life. I no longer want to be stuck in some office when I grow up, I want to be in the outdoors learning more about what is around us. My view on visually impaired people has changed. LTW has taught me the principle of “Leave No Trace,” which means keep the area around you the way it was when you found it. Now I don’t litter, and instead I pick up after other people. Leading the Way has made me a better person, a person who cares and wants to help out. ... read more

Kelton   Leading the Way 2010, Age 17

Global Explorers has helped me achieve my goals. It helped me become more organized, efficient, goal-oriented, and confident. Before I started this program, I wasn't as confident, self-sufficient, or as organized as I am right now. ... read more

Michelle   Leading the Way 2008, Age 20

Lots of people visit Machu Picchu. Some go for the history, some for the hiking, others because they feel a spiritual connection to the city. We went for those reasons, but I think on the 30 mile trek we discovered something deeper. We learned about working as a team and pushing through barriers and perceptions, but we also learned about the importance of service and giving back to society. So thank you. Your support helped all of us to grow and learn more about ourselves and the world we live in. ... read more

Andrew   Leading the Way 2006, Age 16

What I loved about my Global Explorers experience was getting to know the people I went with. I already went to school with them but I didn’t really know them. The travel time and group building activities before the trip were fun too. These students are some of my best friends now. I really enjoyed being thrown into a new culture and really learning about it and living it not just reading about it. I really learned how lucky I am. I always used to complain because I didn’t have this new game system or some mp3 player. But I don’t anymore because I learned that people have it way harder than me. ... read more

Peter   Atlanta, GA, Age 13

The Global Explorers Workshop opened up my mind and allowed me to grow as an individual. I discovered several of my strengths and weaknesses, and it pushed me out of my comfort zone in a completely positive way. I found that preconceived notions are often times extremely inaccurate, and that the concepts of trust and respect carry a long way. It has forced me to truly value my possessions and those closest to me, and to always remember that my integrity and effort will always be necessary in life. ... read more

Casey   Oak Park, IL, Age 16

The quiet but warm people of Peru taught me two important lessons that I shall never forget. The first being that people everywhere are the same at heart. The second being that all you truly need in life is love. My trip to Amazonian Peru was unlike any other trip I’ve ever experienced and I hope that I keep the lessons I learned there with me forever. ... read more

Alyse   Age 16, Malibu, CA