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Safety — Our participants (and their parents) entrust their lives to our care and we take that travel responsibility seriously. We take a preventative approach towards safety.
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Responsible Tourism — Global Explorers and its participants practice active and responsible tourism.

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The GEx Difference

We are a Mission-Driven Nonprofit Organization

Global Explorers is unique in the student travel industry. We are a nonprofit organization driven by our passion for sharing the most educational and life-changing travel experiences available. As a nonprofit, our programs offer a comprehensive, responsible travel experience designed to genuinely enhance the lives of our participants in the most meaningful way possible. Our nonprofit commitment is a promise that:

  • Education is always our guiding principle. Read about our Core Disciplines for details.
  • We give back to the communities we visit through service, cross-cultural exchange activities, and financial and technical support.
  • We will never cut corners or sacrifice quality for financial gain.
  • We are committed to helping students of all abilities and backgrounds experience the natural wonders and cultural diversity of our world.
  • We can receive grants and donations to support and offset the costs of our programs. Your group can receive tax-deductible donations from your community to help contribute to your program fees.
  • We are governed by a talented Board of Directors consisting of experts such as teachers, principals, travel experts and scientists -- these folks hold us true to our mission.
  • Volunteers contribute thousands of hours of work to support what we do.
  • Every staff member, volunteer, guide, and scientist that we work with cares deeply about our mission and shares our dedication to positively changing the entire student travel industry.

Impact: The Most Comprehensive Educational Experience

This is no ordinary student travel experience. No other travel organization requires extensive educational preparation prior to travel as well as a follow-up service leadership project after travel. Our interdisciplinary preparatory curriculum prepares students for travel with lessons on leadership, service, science and culture -- all with an eye towards responsible global citizenship. This nationally recognized program content, developed in partnership with experts and input from such organizations as the Peace Corps, the Jane Goodall Institute, the Center for Creative Leadership and the World Wildlife Fund, comes alive through hands-on activities while traveling. A service project in country helps students discover the impact they can have in the world. Science transforms from abstract classroom lesson to concrete experience when the students practice ethnobotany in the Amazon or conservation biology on the plains of Africa. After traveling, the group comes together to coordinate a follow-up leadership project, exercising the skills acquired during travel in service of their own community. Our programs have been featured on ABC Nightline, ABC World News Tonight, The Travel Channel and CBS Sunday Morning.

Support: The Global Explorers Family

When you join Global Explorers, you join our family. Travel connects people through experience and we look forward to getting to know you personally. We strive to understand your unique needs, challenges, hopes and aspirations. From the moment you sign up, we'll help you with everything from fundraising to packing lists and curricular questions to follow-up service. Our goal is to make every step of the process as easy, warm and welcoming as possible. We plan for you like you plan for your family. Read more about our Educator's Resources.