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Safety — Our participants (and their parents) entrust their lives to our care and we take that travel responsibility seriously. We take a preventative approach towards safety.
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Responsible Tourism — Global Explorers and its participants practice active and responsible tourism.

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Costs and Fundraising

Travel is not cheap. But Global Explorers makes it as affordable as possible.

If you need to raise money to support our program costs, we are here to help! We offset the costs of our program by committing to help each and every traveler successfully raise funds for our nonprofit educational program. We have worked with students in schools large and small, rural and urban, public and private. On average, with a modest amount of effort, you can expect to raise roughly 30% of the costs of travel through the tools that we provide. With a greater effort you can raise quite a bit more. We have had entire groups of students travel with us that have raised 100% of their travel costs! Check out our fundraising pages for our extensive online fundraising guide.

When comparing costs between travel organizations, it is important to consider is what the price DOES and DOES NOT include. Many companies offer low prices up front but hide costs that you have to pay such as tips, travel insurance and even some meals. Some companies combine groups with other students from different places to decrease costs. None offer the comprehensive preparatory and follow-up services that we provide. By way of example, here's a list of what the Global Explorers price DOES include:

  • 100% of the in-country costs for your destination. All transportation, in-country flights, meals, bilingual local guides, tips and lodging are covered in full by your program fee.
  • A bilingual Global Explorers Field Workshop Coordinator who travels with you and coordinates logistics and educational content while traveling
  • Local guides and other experts who help deepen the educational experience.
  • Preparatory Curriculum (9-11 lessons that prepare students for their travel experience).
  • Travel Essentials Guidebooks (important information on everything from passports to packing lists to fundraising).
  • Personalized online fundraising page and toolbox to help you raise funds for your program.
  • Online log-in section where you can find all the information you, your group or your family needs to prepare for your journey
  • A Global Explorers staff person assigned to your group from the moment you sign up to help you prepare for travel and facilitate your return home.
  • Basic emergency travel insurance.
  • Resource books for travelers (travelers receive either a compilation of resource books for their group or one book per student).
  • Two Global Explorers t-shirts per traveler.
  • Your own unique experience! You will never be paired with another group unless you request it.

The Global Explorers Price DOES NOT include:

  • International airfare between destination and your home city
  • Immunizations (if required)
  • Visas (if required)
  • Passport fees
  • Spending cash for souvenirs
  • Cash for any trip equipment/clothing (though few programs require any specialty equipment)
  • Meals while in transit between your home city and your destination