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Where Do I Begin?

Where you begin depends on where you're coming from. Many of our students join us as a part of their school group or club. Other students sign up on their own by applying to one of our open enrollment programs. So...

Are you traveling with a school, club or organization?

If so, your teacher or adult leader will be your main point of contact as you prepare for your Global Explorers experience. This person, who we refer to as your group sponsor will provide you and your family with all of the important information you need to get ready for your life-changing experience. Global Explorers will send all materials for you to your group sponsor.

If you're traveling with a group, be sure to LOG-IN to our online travel essentials system!

Interested in traveling on your own?

Step 1: Contact Us!

We offer a variety of options every year for independent student travelers. Drop us an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we can tell you what programs we're offering.

Step 2: Learn More!

Delve into the information that we send you and learn more about our programs on our website. Send any questions our way. For 2011 travel, check out the following opportunities and apply!

  • Leading the Way: A nationally-recognized program that sends students with and without disabilities on extraordinary journeys. This year's destinations are the Grand Canyon and Machu Picchu.
  • Open Enrollment: Each year, we offer some of our destinations to any interested students who want to apply. Visit Individual Travelers to learn more about our specialty programs for individual students.
  • Alumni Programs: Are you an alumnus of Global Explorers? Watch for details throughout the year about our annual alumni programs!
  • Start Your Own Group!: Find an adult in your community such as a parent or teacher who is interested in organizing a group travel experience. Put together a group of your friends and peers from your community. Interested in this? Contact Us!

Step 3: Get ready to Discover Classroom Earth!

Once you've been accepted into our program, we'll get you started on the journey of a lifetime! Check out the following timeline for an overview of how the program will unfold.