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What Do Educators Say?

They (students) are able to make connections with stories they hear in the media about environmental crisis, cultural conflicts and economic disparities with eyes and ears of an aware citizen. They can more identify with the untold stories behind the headlines, the people living in critical ecosystems and their viewpoints and share their experiences with others to help them to better understand the world. ... read more

Blake Mazurek   Educator

My favorite part is watching the change that students go through while on the trip. They wake up excited and are ready for the day well before I am! On our trips, they go back to the simple things that make life fun. It’s about the basics; friendship, food, exploration, and letting your mind and body dictate what needs to happen instead of a clock. They find they don’t need iPods, cell phones and such to be happy. ... read more

Dara Dawson   Middle School Teacher

They are concerned about educating our children not only about the world they live in but also about themselves. The GEx staff has a vision and a passion for educating others and helping the world become a better place. You can tell this when participating in the program, using the curriculum, and just talking with the staff. I have been teaching for sixteen years and traveling for ten. I have looked at many international travel programs and Global Explorers is the most genuine, comprehensive, and well organized program I have ever come across. ... read more

Tanya Mueller   Middle School Teacher

Global Explorers has done a magnificent job of developing a well-rounded program for use by teachers. Their constant and immediate support for our groups has been tremendous! From the scheduling of our days “on the road” to the curriculum connections established, GEx has covered it all. The ability of this group to provide a true workshop experience instead of just a tour really is what makes things work. Students and teachers have the chance to surround themselves with the experience, and it allows all participants to reach deep into themselves to find what they most want for themselves. ... read more

Rick Towle   Middle School Teacher

Global Explorers does an amazing job of facilitating a rich and complete experience -- somehow orchestrating the details with finesse, without losing the excitement, spontaneity, and challenge that are the reason we choose to travel in the first place. I have led youth trips and programs in the U.S., Russia, and Germany -- and, I can honestly say that the Global Explorers trip was one of the best organized trips I’ve ever participated in. ... read more

Hans Cole   Director of Outreach & Leadership, Roots & Shoots, Jane Goodall Institute