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Travel Music Buzz – La Revancha del Tango by Gotan Project

Tango, just a little mixed up.

In fact, the word “Gotan” is an anagram for “Tango.” If ever there were ever such a thing as a musical anagram, Gotan Project is it. Electronic aficionados, tango lovers and world music connoisseurs alike can enjoy this album for different reasons. All the elements of traditional tango are there, but mixed up and given a unique flavor that feels at home on a ballroom in Paris, in a fashion boutique in Los Angeles, on a hipster’s turntables in Brooklyn or in a coffee shop in Buenos Aires.

The sounds of Gotan Project may mix up your mood a bit as well. Does it make you want to dance? Or does it make you want to chill out?

The downtempo beats and lounge-style ambience are a unique addition to the traditional sounds of tango, but the combination represents both the romanticism and mysterious aura of the bands home, the Argentine streets of Buenos Aires, in true style. La Revancha del Tango gives us a true fusion of tango and electronica and throws some surprises in as well. Who would have thought that someone like Frank Zappa could be covered by a tango band or an electronic DJ? Gotan Project manages to do both on track 3, Chunga’s Revenge – yes, that’s a Frank Zappa song!

So fix a cup of espresso and relax, or grab a partner and hit the dance floor while Gotan Project takes you to another world, wherever you might want that to be.

Posted by Jordy Oleson  ·  December 17, 2010  ·  travel music buzz

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