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New Year, New (Greener) You!

As our holiday season starts to come to an end and the New Year is swiftly approaching, our minds are crammed with a plethora of possibilities for what our New Year’s resolutions will be.  Too often, we immediately resort to the typical resolution of nixing one of our bad habits; which often lasts all of about 3 weeks, if not 3 hours, into the New Year.  This year, how about trying a resolution to do something for someone else – or better yet – everyone else, including yourself.

At GEx, we try to be as green as possible.  Our office is adorned with cork floors, recycled carpet squares and Forest Stewardship Council-certified desks. Our walls are coated with low VOC paint and every room is cleverly illuminated with energy efficient lighting.  We are active recyclers and when the weather is nice enough (or maybe even when it is snowing in the dead of winter), we walk and ride our bikes to work.

Not only do we try to do our part in our home town of Fort Collins, but we also try to do our part abroad.  We have been working with NativeEnergy to offset our carbon emissions associated with our travel since 2005.  We also make sure through our field workshops to spread community awareness about environmental issues as best we can by having students embark on sustainable service projects.

We do these things because we know that every little bit of “going green” reduces our footprint on the environment and with that, improves everyone’s future – including you!  So instead of resolving to give something up this New Year, take part in the green movement.  Even little things like re-using grocery bags or turning off the lights when you leave your house are not only easy resolutions to keep, but they help sustain our environment – and what more could you ask for to start off a great New Year?!

Happy New Year!

Posted by Jessica McConnellogue  ·  December 29, 2010  ·  green, holidays

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