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  • Location: USA: Four Corners region of Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico
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Canyon Skies: U.S. Southwest

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The stunning scenery of the Southwestern United States never fails to awe and inspire those who take the time to discover its riches. This expedition explores the Colorado Plateau, a 130,000 square mile geological formation that straddles Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. Dramatic canyons, colorful badlands, sand dunes, barren mesas, and unique arches and rock formations dot the landscape, a visual reminder of 500 million years of geologic forces at work. The remoteness of the area offers some of the darkest skies and quietest areas in the country, making it an ideal spot to contemplate our place in the universe while gazing at the Milky Way.

Although these jaw-dropping, sweeping landscapes offer plenty of solitude, the entire area boasts a rich human history as well. The U.S. Southwest sits at a crossroads of Native American, Spanish, and American cultures. As a testament to the unique combination of natural and cultural history of the region, the Colorado Plateau boasts the highest concentration of National Parks and Monuments in the United States.

On our Southwest Adventure, students will raft the San Juan River, explore spectacular National Parks and Monuments that characterize the area, and visit the Navajo Nation, the largest Native American reservation in the country. Through a partnership with the , participants will also explore the complex natural and cultural sounds of the area and learn why these pristine acoustical environments demand restoration and preservation. Whether conducting hands-on science, helping an elder Navajo build a Hogan, or hiking through the iconic landscapes, the Canyon Skies: U.S. Southwest program will be the learning adventure of a lifetime.

Please note, due to the strict river permits, we require a minimum of 15 paying participants for groups to participate in this program, as opposed to 10 paying participants for other destinations. Canyon Skies can easily be adjusted to a 9+ day program to allow for more time in Canyon de Chelly or to experience more of the San Juan River. Additional fees may apply.

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