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Fry Me!

As the holidays approach, you may be experiencing feelings of increased stress at the thought of all the holiday preparation, sadness at the onslaught of winter and 4pm darkness and/or downright anger at the fact that you’ve already been bombarded with holiday music and advertisements since mid-August.  I’m here to ease your tension with a tried and true way to ensure all members of your respective families have a great time---vegetarians and vegans do not apply!

From my perspective, one of the most difficult aspects of the holiday season is the stress involved with hosting a large group of people at your home.  Family dynamics and tensions aside, it’s quite honestly a ton of work getting your dwelling ready for the holidays.  Decorations, cleaning and more cleaning take time and energy that many of us don’t have and the strain this causes on others in our abodes often leads to arguments and irritation.  I don’t have a cure all for this, but cleaning services do help.  Additionally, realizing that everything need not be perfect and that being together is what’s important is a good policy although it’s easier said than done.  However, I digress.  I’m talking about the other primary obstacle for enjoying these holiday gatherings and that’s……cooking a turkey.

Turkey’s are tough and time consuming birds to cook when doing so the traditional way.  Thaw, clean, remove innards, tie wings, pre-heat oven, constantly baste and countless other steps I’m neglecting.  Then, after all that, there’s no guarantee that your beautiful turkey prepared with the utmost care won’t be drier than the Atacama Desert.

I say throw tradition out the window this holiday season and fry your bird!  Yes, that’s right.  Fried turkey is going to overtake this nation soon and you don’t want to be the last to jump on the birdwagon.  Let’s look at the pros and cons…


Fried Pros                                                                    Baked Pros

-Increased FUN factor                                                    -Tradition






Fried Cons                                                                    Baked Cons

-                     -Time

                                                            -Boring/No FUN factor

-Not Traditional          


Need I say more?  Frying turkey makes every holiday gathering much, much better!  Happy Frying!

Posted by Ed Shurna  ·  November 24, 2010  ·  holidays, thanksgiving

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